Just 2 Easy is an online creativity tool designed for education, particularly for learners in Key Stage2.
It brings the power of the Web into the classroom and home. Children create, share and learn in an e-safe environment.

It is easy to use as learners can use J2E intuitively, just like a sheet of paper.  The ease of use encourages their natural creativity through its vibrant interface.

It is a versatile online application that can combine text, graphics, animations, sounds, videos and other embedded objects on a single web page.

It also allows teachers to access the work, once it has been saved to the ‘cloud’.  Here they can add pins, reward sticker, stars or smiley faces.  These will allow the teachers to type text which will pop up in a bubble for them to provide helpful advice for future learning or to praise the learners for excellence.

Just 2 Easy can also be used to create forms to gather data for a database.  This maps directly to curriculum requirements for data collection, display, storage and analyses.  A whole class can enter data into a form at the same time and parents can also be asked to provide feedback, so that thay can actively participate and involve themselves in their children’s learning.

This short description of both JIT and J2E only scratches the surface of the possibilities of these powerful educational tools.  The staff at our school are very excited about integrating these resources into the children’s learning.  We hope you are too!