In Johnstown Primary School we have 3 School Rules which we try to follow in everything we do.   At the start of each term we revisit the school rules in assembly and ask the children to suggest how our rules are applied.  Below are some of their ideas about how they can fulfill their responsibilities.   During the Autumn Term 2010, as we were approaching the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, the school council reviewed our rules and decided that Be a Good Pupil should become Be a Good Learner.  This was agreed with all classes and has been changed since January 2011.

School Rule 1 : RESPECT OTHERS

Helping others
Offering friendship
Demonstrating Kindness
Learning to Listen
Using your manners and remember to say "please" and "thank you".
Maintain eye contact
Remembering to smile
Learning to compromise



Keeping your desk clean and tidy
Presenting your work well
Looking after your property and equipment
Learning to compromise
Showing your best behaviour
Remembering to be positive
Keeping your hands, feet and unkind comments to yourself
Looking after other people's property
Remembering to be friendly
Being kind to your brothers, sisters and friends
To uphold our Eco School status by remembering to put waste in the correct place


School Rule 3 : BE A GOOD LEARNER

To work hard and always do your best
To listen to your teachers and help them where needed
To respect all adults in the school
To always sit smartly and quietly when others are speaking
To remember to use your manners
To persist even though you may find difficulty with the challenge
To be a good friend to others
To share thoughts and ideas with others to achieve a goal