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Have you met our Eco friend ‘Tuska Tre Ioan’? As you walk around the school you can’t but help bump into our Eco friend, Tuska! ‘Tuska the Elephant’ is always on hand to display his excellent sustainability actions.

Tuska was created by Thomas in 6L. We had amazing entries to our Eco Mascot competition click on the video link to be dazzled by some of them. These Eco Creations were produced solely by the children and display their true enthusiasm and commitment to helping their planet. 

We adopted Tuska the elephant as we all know that elephants are a creature that never forget. Tuska never forgets to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’, Do you? 

The Eco Council suggested that we could adopt an elephant through WWF which we now have done. Our Asian elephant is named ‘Kiruba’ (Tamil for ‘Grace’). Kiruba is pronounced Ke-ru-ba. She is 40 years old and has two offspring. A son called Anand and a daughter named Tula. Kiruba and her family live in ‘Corbett National Park’