Johnstown Primary Schools motto of 'Be all we can be' is one the whole school community strives towards. We understand that there is always room for improvement and development in all areas.

The ambitious targets the pupils have devised are truly creative, unique and a little scary !

You will be able to say ‘W.O.W’ to the World of Wonder garden, you will be bottled over by the Eco Greenhouse and completely charmed by plans for our Minibeast Hotel. Take a journey through our "W.O.W Garden" by watching the gallery. 

You will be blown away by the ‘Waste Superheroes in Year 1’. 

You will want more of the 'Good Stuff' from the 'Milk Monitors' in Year 2. 

You will be on guard when the ‘Litter Busters’ are out in force reminding you that it’s not ‘Waste till you waste it’. 

You will be turning the taps when the 'Water Warriors' are floating. 

Finally you will be ‘Funky and Fair’ and ‘Traffic Aware’ with the Year 6 children at our school. 

We cannot forget our previous successes. Maintenance of areas already in existence requires priority and continuing the good practices. 

Click here to be blown away by the Eco Action Plans.