This multimedia project involved ten pupils from a range of classes. The project lasted a month involving an exploration of a variety of art forms, digital media, history and a use of imagination. The focus of the project was to work with the residents of the local care home Plas-Y-Dderwen,  developing communication, learning and artwork through their interaction with the residents. The final result is a short film called ‘Creating Connections’ which documents the project with photos, artwork and animation. Both the Arts Council of Wales and Arts Care Gofal Celf helped with funding and organisation of this project.

The pupils involved with the project

Year 6 pupils - Aimee, Cerys, Ethan, James, Jessica and Ludo.

Year 5 pupils - Oliver and Keri. 

Year 4 pupils - Alfie and Nawal.


Model Making

The pupils drew and designed their own characters based on stories from the local history of Johnstown. Their animation models were based on professional armatures that would be found in the animation industry. They used wire to create a skeleton, sponge to build up the bodies, clay to make the heads and scrap materials to clothe them. The stories involved a local blacksmith, a child playing, Buffalo Bill visiting Johnstown, a grand wedding and Dylan Thomas.



The pupils learnt to animate their models using a camera, set, props and lights. The process of animation involves taking lots of still images of their characters moving slightly to give to illusion of movement. The Pupils started to understand the amount of work that is involved in creating an animated film whilst learning more about human movement and the animation process.



After the animation was complete all the images were imported onto a Mac. The pupils then edited the images together to create a sequence that tells the story. Sounds, voices and effects were added to complete the films. Pupils worked in groups to complete each section of the animated film. 


Visiting Plas-Y-Dderwen

Whilst at Plas-Y-Dderwen care home the pupils interacted with the residents through games, activities, artwork and worksheets. They learnt about specific aspects of history on each visit. The focuses were old toys and games, their experiences of the War, their family histories, a comparison of their everyday lives and learning about local tales. The visits to the home concluded with an ‘old style’ party that was hosted by the pupils involving party games, decorations, party food and music. Both young and old highly benefitted from the experiences and were enriched through learning about each other.


Please visit our Media Player to view our animations and learn more about this rewarding project.


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