Johnstown Primary School has an award winning Multimedia Museum. The idea for the museum was inspired by an Arts Council for Wales Project, undertaken by a group of ‘More Able and Talented’ children who worked closely with Plas y Dderwen Nursing Home, discovering the history of our locality from the first hand stories, tales and memories of the residents.

The rich history and information gathered from this rewarding project culminated with the pupils creating an animated film about Johnstown through time. This gave us the impetus to collate and display the historical artefacts and manuscripts we had gathered through our studies and display them in our very own museum. 

The museum is used by our children to investigate and explore the heritage and history of Johnstown and Carmarthen. They can interact with the artefacts, navigate the specially designed touch screen resources, access the internet to enrich their learning and read the original manuscripts on display. In addition there are kinaesthetic jigsaws, timelines and drawers full of resources and learning activities. 

Over time we hope to further expand and develop this outstanding resource and improve our pupils’ learning experience through historical investigation. We have a two year development plan therefore the museum is ever improving. The impact which the museum has already had on our learners has already been recognised as the school recently won an award with the Welsh Heritage Schools Initiative. 

What some of our children think: 

"It's brilliant because if you want to find out about the past there's lots of artefacts and information on the walls." 

"The interactive facilities are useful and we contributed to some of the artefacts because we made models as part of an animation project that showed what happened in Johnstown in the past." 

"The Multimedia Museum is interesting because there are lots of old things that people haven't seen before." 

"We've used the Museum a few times already - researching into the history of World War 2 - using the artefacts on display. The touch screen technology is great for finding out about Johnstown in the past."  


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