During Autumn 2012 we will be introducing personalized target books for every child in years 1 to 6. School staff devised these books in collaboration with the school council, they are based on the childrens need to acquire and develop key learning skills, attitudes and habits. They will help every child to know where s/he is on his/her learning journey, where s/he needs to go and how s/he can get there. There will be a weekly opportunity for the children to reflect on their learning journey. The link between the childrens personal targets and their everyday activity and exercise books is critical to ensuring each child achieves success in the Foundation phase outcomes or National curriculum levels.

When the teacher works with a child to set learning targets s/he will have clear ideas about how to help the child understand his/her targets. Targets will be set which both support their current level of learning (close to where they are now) and challenge them to greater learning by practising good learning habits of perserverance and self discipline.

During the Spring term parents evening, parents will be invited to discuss their child/rens progress using these books as a guide. We will provide parents with a copy of their childs current learning targets so that help can be given with home learning tasks.

At the end of Year 2 most children will achieve Foundatino Phase outcome 5. Most children in Year 6 will achieve National Curriculum Level 4. Children who have Additional Learning Needs may not achieve these levels even though they work hard and make progress. Some children will achieve better than average results. More able children will work mainly on Level 5 and some aspects of Level 6. Not all children can achieve the same outcomes/levels in each area of learning/subject. Parents will receive an annual progress report at the end of the Summer term which will clearly note what outcome or level their child has achieved in Literacy, Maths and PSD for Foundation Phase pupils and English, Maths and Science for junior pupils.

The Welsh Government’s (WG) Target is that the percentage of Year 6 children achieving Level 4 or above in English, Maths and Science should be between 80-85%.  The Government’s programme for raising standards continues. Since the abolition of Tests at aged 7 and 11 the levels achieved by the children are based on Teacher Assessment.  Some year groups can achieve the target or better it, some cannot. The factors which affect this are:

~attendance at school

~the number of children with additional learning needs

~the type of additional needs

~ the number of children who enter and leave the classes during the year (turbulence)

~curriculum change

~uneven performance across the 3 core subjects (e.g. level 4 in 2 subjects and level 3 in 1 subject)