Our Digital Learning Curriculum

At Johnstown School we believe that traditionally we have had excellent learners and teachers and an exciting skills based curriculum, with ICT being integral to lessons being taught.

However, as a school of innovation and high standards, we have embraced the use of mobile devices (ipads, ipads) to access the digital curriculum – e-learning. The inclusive nature of these mobile devices has helped all the children to become “all they can be”. These learning tasks also empower the children to become independent 21st Century learners.  

To do this, we have a well-planned and timetabled digital curriculum. Teachers carefully plan how to use the mobile devices with children and resultantly the children have experiences which improve their skills across the curriculum. Critical to this has been the use of specific Apps that improve the e-learning flow. 

Additionally, children are given opportunities to extend and record their learning through mobile devices on the Infant and Junior Techi-trains.  Our Year 6 Techi-tutors ensure that classes are given equal access and training to mobile devices.  These include laptop computers, netbooks, flip cameras and mini-speak recorders.

As all teachers (except Nursery) use ipads in their classes you can expect your child to have an interactive, e-learning experience on a daily basis.  Children in the Foundation Phase will experience ipads/ipods during timetabled group activities.  In the Juniors, as the children become more independent, they can expect to use mobile devices for whole class or group activities.

We recognise the importance of mobile devices for 21st Century learning and are constantly increasing the number of ipads/ipods we have to access the digital curriculum.  We are confident that in the near future our school will have more permanent devices in the Foundation Phase and we will become one to one (one ipad per pupil) in the Juniors.  We believe that our goal will enable all of our pupils to become highly skilled e-learners and prepared for the world that we live in now and in the future.