The Foundation Phase Curriculum in Wales provides guidance on the programme of study aged 3 - 7 years. The seven areas of learning are the compulsory curriculum for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. The seven areas of learning are;

Personal & Social Development (PSD) 

Language, Literacy and Communication (LLC)

Mathematical Development (MD)

Knowledge & Understanding of the World (KUW) 

Creative Development (CD) 

Physical Development (PD) 

The focus of our curriculum is to help the children develop skills (we introduce the skills programmes Read Write Inc and Maths Makes Sense in Nursery and Reception) to be able to transfer these skills to a variety of learning situations. Termly themes provide opportunites for the children to develop their knowledge about the world in which they live. 

The National curriculum subjects provide the framework within which we structure our Junior curriculum. The subjects are;

English, Maths & Science (Core subjects)

History, Geography, PE, Music, Art & Design, Welsh (2nd Language), Design & Technology

Personal & Social Education, Information & Communication Technology & Religious Education are also statutory elements of the curriculum for this age group.

The subject content of the National Curriculum combined with the Welsh Governement (WG) skills framework enables us to structure a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum for the children. The continued use of Read Write Inc and Maths Makes Sense in the Junior department ensures key skills are developed to the highest level (level 6). The childrens increased need for subject knowledge is far greater in this age range. The careful selection of themes and a structured daily timetable helps us to ensure we cover all aspects thoroughly. The children and parents notice that the pace and the content of work by the time the children get to Year 5 is substantial. The drive is on to achieve high standards of achievement and attainment. The way in which we teach the children enables them to harness skill development, knowledge and understanding.

Our skilled teaching and support staff are able to incorporate the best of emerging technologies to facilitate learning in the 21st Century. A range of mobile devies (i-pads, i-pods, digital cameras) are used on a daily basis in classrooms, they are used to record and enhance the childrens independant learning skills. This is having a positive impact on the childrens attitude to learning and particularly suits the learning style of boys. 

The bedrock of Johnstown School remains personal and social education; the school motto “ Be all you can be” and the associated three school rules (Respect others, Respect yourself and Be a good learner) are brought to life each and every day in the range and depth of opportunities presented to every learner. We are proud of our ISAW (Inclusive Schools Award Wales), our Eco-Schools Platinum Award and Healthy Schools Awards as we believe they reflect the relevance of our curriculum to everyday life.