Reception Stars and Rainbows Autumn Term 2013

What colourful Rainbows and Shining Stars we have been in this Autumnal Weather.
Where shall we begin;

‘Scrumptious Start’

During the Autumn Term the children have been exploring the World around them through the topic entitled ‘Scrumptious’. They have used their ‘Give Me Five’ skills with Mwnci Meddwl to aid learning and made a scrumptious start on their learning journey.  The children have settled into everyday life in a happy learning environment as valued unique individuals. 

Creative Cooks

Obviously, with such a topic title ‘Scrumptious’ we have of course been ‘Master Chefs’. They are observing and practically engaging in activities such as cooking, melting, mixing and freezing,
This term we will be making culinary delights including ;

  • We have created a tasty breakfast of Porridge for the hungry Three Bears!
  • Juicy Apple and Blackberry Crumble with delightful Autumnal apples from our very own apple orchard.
  • Delicious bread for the Little Red Hen
  • Toast, butter and Jam to show the diverse use of bread

I wonder what we will mix up next!
Bangers and Mash for Bonfire Night!!!!!!.


‘Feet on Friday’

We have enjoyed exploring our school grounds this term in our wellies.
We can’t wait to stretch our little feet and explore Johnstown in more depth.
On our ‘Feet on Friday’ expeditions we have found some scrumptious blackberries and juicy apples. We jumped into puddles and got stuck in the mud!

Rhyme Challenge 

Great Rhymers make Great Readers!
We invite all Reception parents/families to take part in ‘The Rhyme Challenge 2013’ Daily fun with these traditional rhymes is fundamental for early learning ‘Practise makes perfect’.
Follow the fun on the website ‘’