Autumn Term 2013

Dens and Dandelions 

The Dens and Dandelion project had a forest skills and science focus; teaching children about plants, flowers, trees and creatures found in a woodland habitat. We used scientific and mathematical skills to observe record and present this information. We discussed how to care for a woodland habitat.
We had visits from Gary, our soldier friend, who taught us how to build different types of dens, including a basha. We used our design and technology skills to build structures using natural resources to keep Forest Fiona and Woodland William dry and warm. Gary also came in to show us how to safely light a campfire – we even cooked beans on it!
Princess Dandelion paid us a visit and invited us to join her for a Woodland Party to celebrate “Wishing Dandelion Time.” We designed invitations, made menus and prepared food for the party; Green Goblin Goo, Pixie Pizza, Dandelion Dust Sandwiches, Fairy Fruit Wands and Magical Milkshake. It was DELICIOUS! On party day we all dressed up in Woodland costumes – we had toadstools, pixies, fairies, goblins and even foxes join us for the party! We played Pin the Tail on the Unicorn, What’s the time Mr Fox and Musical Trees.

Our RWInc skills helped us to write simple reports about our first hand experiences. We developed our ICT skills using the iPads; using the app Colour Effects to change the colour of Woodland Animals and Pic Collage to design attractive menus. We explored our creative skills through using lots of different media to create; leaf rubbings, leaf collages, seed pictures and a Wishing Dandelion hanging. Our exciting, hands-on experiences developed our team work skills and communication skills.
This project inspired our learning!