Year 4 have had a very busy half term!  

We have introduced the new and exciting ‘Cornerstones’ curriculum and have focused on the theme ‘The Big Dip’.

We continually develop our key skills through all areas of the curriculum – focusing especially on Science through studying ‘life processes and living things’ - using ICT to assist in our research and by carrying out fieldwork to help us understand where and how things happen.

We have our usual daily programme of Maths Makes Sense – where we have been using funny counting to add and subtract numbers and have been drawing tables, bar graphs and looking at explicit and implicit information.  During Read Write Inc. Sessions - and through our exciting ‘Trolls and The Bogeymen’ narrative verse – we have written and edited our own imaginative story based on the Bogey and the Troll family. 

Pond Dipping

We are very lucky to have our own ponds in school which are full of life. We had the opportunity to dip our nets in and examine what we found – pond snails, pond skaters and even a big frog.  We sketched all the pond life we found and also used identification cards to identify each one in detail.

Rock Pool Dipping

Llansteffan beach was the venue for an exciting day of rock pool dipping and exploration. We created a health and safety poster in advance to ensure we knew of the dangers at the beach. We found out and discussed why the animals were suited to that particular habitat.
Llansteffan Castle
During our beach visit, we also walked up to Llansteffan Castle to prepare ourselves for next terms topic of ‘Myths & Legends’. We explored the castle and found out about its exciting, yet gory history. We also listened to the legend of ‘Glug a Lug’ on our return.


We recently had a visit from ADA Recycling and we learnt about the importance of recycling and how it benefits climate control. We took part in classroom activities - they included quizzes, classroom interaction, decision-making and debating sessions.


To finish off our exciting half-term, we prepared a home based presentation on the life-cycle of either a butterfly or a frog.  We performed these in front of the whole year group asking thoughtful questions after each performance.

School Councillors

We had many manifestos for this years School Council elections and we’re pleased to announce that our elected councillors are –
Daniel Thomas - 4P
Sinead Jones - 4P
Phillip James – 4H
Dalia Baker – 4H